Makers, Welcome

Oulu Open Hack 2019

The Old-Fashioned Hackathon
Fri 26.4. - Sat 27.4.
Business Kitchen, Tellus, Oulu University

Oulu Open Hack is an old-fashioned hackathon held in Oulu. No corporate sponsors, no themes and no industry judges. The participants vote for the best hacks.

Forget valid business models, this is an event where geeking out on cool tech bro takes the priority. Bring your crazy ideas, bring your 💻 + 🎧 and come have fun!

You can participate as a team or you can fly solo. You can even partner up during the event. Whatever makes you happy.

Registrations are open!

To register a team, send a HTTP POST request to If your request is successful, all team members will get a confirmation email.

POST /v1/teams
JSON payload
  "name": "Your Team Name",
  "users": [
      "email": "",
      "name": "Bob Example"
      "email": "",
      "name": "Hyacinth Buckét"

Validate your JSON with JSONlint

Here is the timeline:


The event is sponsored by:

While waiting for the event, you can take the trip down the memory lane and check out what was it like in 2010.

Oulu Open Hack 2010

Video by Ville Alatalo

OuluOpenHack is organized by Marjaana and Tuomas. If you want to help organizing this magnificent event, let us know! You can reach the organizers by sending email to